2011 World Listening Day, July 18

The World Listening Project (WLP) and Midwest Society for Acoustic Ecology (MSAE) invite you to participate in the 2011 World Listening Day on Monday, July 18.

Here are several possible ways to participate:

  • Organize a soundwalk.  What is a soundwalk? Start here
  • Organize a performance event that explores soundscape and how we can listen to our sonic environment.
  • Participate introspectively by simply paying attention to your soundscape.
  • You can facilitate an educational event that relates to acoustic ecology, field recordings, or a similar topic.

The level of participation in 2010 was amazing. We would like to see if we could double or even triple the number of participants worldwide this time. If you would like to participate in the 2011 World Listening Day, please download and fill out the 2011 World Listening Day participation form. Then email it to <worldlistening@gmail.com> with “World Listening Day” in the subject line.

The first World Listening Day was co-organized by the WLP and MSAE. July 18 was chosen as the date for World Listening Day because it is the birthday of Canadian composer R. Murray Schafer, who established the World Soundscape Project in the late-60s at Simon Fraser University. Schafer’s 1977 book, The Soundscape: Our Sonic Environment and the Tuning of the World was a culminating publication about the research of the WSP that provided a foundation for the interdisciplinary field now known as Acoustic Ecology.

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43 Responses to 2011 World Listening Day, July 18

  1. C. Stiegler says:

    Hello WLP Team!

    Great project and I am happy to hear there will be a World Listening Day again in 2011. I think listening among noise reduction (the International Noise Awareness Day was on april 27th) is a very important issue in our modern urban world.

    One thing, though: The date is still stated as Sunday, July 17th in the top right corner of the sidebar of this website. It will be on July 18th, though?

    Listening forward to hearing some interesting sounds!


    C. Stiegler

  2. Torgny Åström says:

    Somewhere in Sweden

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  5. eleon says:

    Check out the new National Park Services’ web page for 2011 World Listening Day, from the Night Skies and Natural Sounds Division!

  6. eleon says:

    During World Listening Day on July 18, 2011 radio aporee will provide a broadcast of the 2010 recordings on the radio aporee streaming website. If you want to stream your WLD 2011 event contact radio aporee / udo noll know soon. Visit aporee.org WLD 2011 web page to learn how: http://aporee.org/wld2011/

  7. ArtsHub article by Linda Carroli about World Listening Day has just posted on its website: http://www.artshub.com.au/au/news-article/news/arts/shh-listen-world-listening-day-184598

    Its focus is on Australian events for this day. Among those mentioned are projects by Perdita Philips and Brisbane-based sound artist Lawrence English. His Site Listening will be featured in this year’s Queensland Music Festival.

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    • Please note this update among others on our WLD event. The “Nighttime Insect Walk” led by Jim Louderman happens on July 30. The Midwest Society for Acoustic Ecology, Chicago Phonography, World Listening Project, National Park Service, and the Chicago Park District Stargazers will celebrate World Listening Day 2011 from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. (Central Time).

      Paul H. Douglas Center for Environmental Education
      100 N. Lake Street, Gary, Indiana 46403
      Douglas Center Telephone: 219-395-1772

      Chicago Phonography will perform first. A nighttime soundwalk on Miller Woods trail follows. More info: http://mwsae.org/?p=1480

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  12. Damir Kustic says:

    Svjetski Dan Slušanja, Rijeka 18.07.2011.

    Pozvani ste na sudjelovanje u drugom Svjetskom Danu Slušanja koji će se dogoditi u ponedjeljak 18. srpnja 2011. godine.

    Svrha Svjetskog Dana Slušanja je:

    – slaviti praksu slušanja u kontekstu svijeta oko nas, razvijati svijest o zaštiti okoliša te spoznati akustičku ekologiju

    – povećati svijest o pitanjima vezanim za World Soundscape Project, World Listening Project, World Forum for Acoustic Ecology
    te podržati individualne i grupne napore u kreativnom istraživanju fonografije i audio kulture

    – dizajnirati i implementirati inicijative u edukaciji koje istražuju te koncepte i praksu

    Svjetski Dan Slušanja organizira World Listening Project u suradnji s drugim organizacijama
    (na našem podrucju to je Udruga Građana Spirit). 18. srpanj je odabran kao Svjetski Dan Slušanja jer je to datum rođenja
    Kanadskog kompozitora R. Murray Schafera.
    Schafer je jedan od osnivača Acoustic Ecology pokreta. The World Soundscape Project kojim je rukovodio je važna
    organizacija koja je inspirirala puno aktivnosti na tom području, a njegova knjiga “Soundscape: The Tuning of the World”
    pomogla je definirati termine i pozadinu pokreta akustičke ekologije te povećati razumijevanje zvuka i okoline općenito.

    Drugi Svjetski Dan Slušanja u Rijeci organizira Udruga Građana Spirit, B. Polica 2/1, Rijeka.


    1800 – Spirit MusicBox

    Slušaona snimljenih zvučnih pejzaža (Ivo Vičić Robert Merlak, Denis Pilepić, Helga Paškvan, Damir Kustić i svi koji donesu svoje)

    1900 – Korzo (slušaona snimljenih zvučnih pejzaža iz rijeke i okolice)

    1900 – Spirit TV sala (music meets soundscape)

    Smogart – assorted sound exploration ()

    Arrex Communications – Soundscape Music Video (Glazba inspirirana zvučnim pejzažima PGŽ)

    Robert Merlak – Beats & Pieces (Potapanje Brodova)

    2000 – TV sala (audio i video dokumenti vezani za zvučne pejzaže i RM Schafer-a)

    Sve dodatne informacije, sugestije ili pomoć možete dobiti mailom.


  13. World Listening Day went live today on the front banner page of the U.S. National Park Service website. See it on-line at http://www.nps.gov through July 18. This feature links to the Explore Natural Sounds webpage called “World Listening Day.”

  14. Sound workshop in Zakopane, Villa Atma, Mobile – moving sounds 18-10.07.2011

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  19. Reminder about our sound walk in Limerick CIty tomorrow Monday the 18th of July. All are welcome!

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  22. Australia Hears has encouraged people to listen to the sound of food and to record their thoughts. Australia is building a great reputation for great food, and great lifestyle, and listening and appreciating not just the aroma, but the lovely sounds of cooking has been a focus. Not a sound walk, but a great, Australian, relaxed approach to a big part of Australian life.

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  25. Just returned from a very wet monday – we were 5 freinds who arranged a private sound walk out into the wood and out to the sea. We experienced much sound through the grass, plants, trees, rocks, small caves because it blew the whole day and …there was very heavy rain.
    We strengthened our senses and noticed how clearly we could hear our breathing and the wind in our hair. A wonderful experience that deffently should be enjoyed every day after a long working day. And we didn´t talk for 5 hours appr. :-)

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  27. Glenn Weyant says:

    Fallout from my day of Tucson listening : http://www.sonicanta.com/world_listening_day_2011
    Big fun. While it is a daily practice, devoting one day to global listening is much fun. Looking forward to 2012.

  28. Robin Parmar says:

    Flickr set containing images from the Softday sound walk in Limerick, Ireland.

  29. Judy Barrass says:

    I participated in WLD with my own individual listening project. Sound bites from my very ordinary Australian day can be found at http://audioboo.fm/SCRAPS and blog post should be up on QMF Critical Mass blog shortly.http://www.criticalmassblog.net/

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  31. Twitters users please use the hashtag #WorldListeningDay for tweets about World Listening Day. And if anyone knows who has the inactive @WorldListening Twitter account, please contact Eric Leonardson: info@mwsae.org

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  35. LAB gallery says:

    I m listening the recording – I will upload it in radio Aporee soon – a good experience to do again next year.
    / Nathalie for LAB gallery

  36. Glayds Gosha says:

    Why go backwards what is next put a MS-DOS emulator on the iPhone and iPad actually that might not required a jailbreak if embedded in app correctly.

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