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World Listening Day Continues, News and Events

World Listening Day is a way to heighten awareness of what many take for granted, the profound experience of listening to the sounds around us. Here are a few reminders and updates.

The second annual World Listening Day continues during this week of July 17-23, 2011.

Last year’s World Listening Day received a truly global and phenomenal response. Your participation can be as simple and private, or as complex and public as you want. Please visit our post here for suggestions and details.

If you use Twitter the #WorldListeningDay hashtag helps track and categorize relevant tweets.

One way for phonographers and field recordists to participate is by uploading field recordings to create a “Sonic Snapshot” of the world on radio aporee.org. Or, add sound files to the “World Listening Network” of the Soundscape Ecology Project at Purdue University.

The WLP website mentions only a few of the many web announcements of the performances, soundwalks, and broadcasts  happening everywhere.

Announcements are shared on the WLP’s Facebook Group. Please subscribe to the World Listening Yahoo! Group to participate in our discussion forum.

Regional coordinators also track events in their respective their continents. You are welcome to contact Dan Godston at worldlistening@gmail.com or Eric Leonardson for more information.

Below is a hastily gathered list of web links from some of the participants, describing their World Listening Day events.

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