2012 World Listening Day

The 2012 World Listening Day happens on Wednesday, July 18th. The purposes of World Listening Day are:

  • to celebrate different ways we can focus on our soundscape (sonic environment);
  • to raise awareness about the acoustic ecology movement, including ideas regarding how noise pollution can be reduced; and
  • to introduce new educational initiatives and community events related to listening and acoustic ecology.

Participation in the 2012 World Listening Day focuses on the aforementioned goals, which could include listening parties, listening to one’s soundscape in private, private or public soundwalks, public forums about acoustic ecology, and more. What would you like to do on the 2012 World Listening Day? Events could happen on Wednesday, July 18th. However, if another day during that week (July 15-21) would work better with your schedule, that would be fine.

World Listening Day happens annually on July 18th—the birthdate of R. Murray Schafer, a Canadian composer who established the World Soundscape Project. Its research laid the foundations for what became known as Soundscape Studies and Acoustic Ecology.

Dozens of organizations and more than a thousand people from six continents have participated in World Listening Day so far — on the inaugural World Listening Day in 2010, and the second WLD last year. Both were great successes, and we’re hoping to have more people and organizations participate this year.


  1. Greetings,

    Yes, I would like to participate. My radio show Cafe Yeye at Chicago State University would like to interview the founders.

    Marian Hayes
    WCSU radio; Cafe Yeye

    1. Thanks, Marian. We’re happy to help you and will be in touch real soon.

  2. We (Softday) are planning an underground soundwalk in Limerick City in Ireland. http://softday.ie/wld2012/

  3. I will be dedicating one summer miniature from my soundscape miniature challenge to the subject of WLD. You can listen/ watch to the previous ones here:http://soundcloud.com/lacosapreziosa/sets/summer-miniatures/ Looking forward to it!

  4. Svjetski Dan Slušanja, Rijeka, Croatia – 18.07.2012.

    Pozvani ste na sudjelovanje u trećem Svjetskom Danu Slušanja koji će se dogoditi u srijedu 18. srpnja 2012. godine.

    Svrha Svjetskog Dana Slušanja je:

    – slaviti praksu slušanja u kontekstu svijeta oko nas, razvijati svijest o zaštiti okoliša te spoznati akustičku ekologiju

    – povećati svijest o pitanjima vezanim za World Soundscape Project, World Listening Project, World Forum for Acoustic Ecology
    te podržati individualne i grupne napore u kreativnom istraživanju fonografije i audio kulture

    – dizajnirati i implementirati inicijative u edukaciji koje istražuju te koncepte i praksu

    Svjetski Dan Slušanja organizira World Listening Project u suradnji s drugim organizacijama i pojedincima
    18. srpanj je odabran kao Svjetski Dan Slušanja jer je to datum rođenja Kanadskog kompozitora R. Murray Schafera.
    Schafer je jedan od osnivača Acoustic Ecology pokreta. The World Soundscape Project kojim je rukovodio je važna
    organizacija koja je inspirirala puno aktivnosti na tom području, a njegova knjiga “Soundscape: The Tuning of the World”
    pomogla je definirati termine i pozadinu pokreta akustičke ekologije te povećati razumijevanje zvuka i okoline općenito.

    Ove godine naglasak je na biofoniji sa osvrtom na opus Dr. Bernie Krause-a.

    Treći Svjetski Dan Slušanja u Rijeci organizira Skupina u prostorima Molekule, Rijeka.


    1900 – 2200 – Molekula Biophony

    Slušaona snimljenih zvučnih pejzaža:
    Ivo Vičić Robert Merlak, Damir Kustić i svi koji donesu svoje

    Projekcija slika: Matija Brozović

    Sve dodatne informacije, sugestije ili pomoć možete dobiti mailom.


  5. Dear friends,
    from The Creative Radio School TEA FM located in Zaragoza, Aragón (Spain) we want to join one more year this iniciative.

    We are going to broadcast some field recording and soundwalks, and will be very proud broadcasting all recordings you can send us.

    Best regards and congratulations.

  6. I will be participating by listening. And furthermore through the creation of a new collaborative sound project, the details of which must remain shady at this time.

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  9. Total support for this great initiative. People could watch my TED talk on conscious listening at http://www.ted.com/talks/julian_treasure_5_ways_to_listen_better.html – it’s dedicated to exactly the same cause. May this day sweep the world, and sometime maybe every day will be a listening day.

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  11. a soundwalk in Palermo for WLD2012! http://accademiascarlattipalermo.com/?page_id=236

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