L’Arte Dei Rumori round-up

Well – what a day. It was freezing cold in London and elsewhere, but the Russolo 100th anniversary celebrations gathered interest from around the globe.


In London The Neo Futurist Collective headed by myself performed Cartet to a dedicated sound art audience braving the cold in Soho Square with a reporter from classical music station BBC Radio 3 recording the proceedings. Thanks to my fellow performers Harry Ross, Peter Faulkner and Kay Aplin who did a sterling job in interpreting my score!


In Como, Italy just outside Milan, Marsiglione Arts Gallery commemorated the occasion with a special exhibition dedicated to Russolo’s work. The gallery are  specialists in the work of Russolo and hold a large archive of his paintings. The exhibition continues until April 6th.

In Amsterdam, Professor Russolo and his Noise Intoners picked up some extra performers en route on their noisy bicycle ride and gained media useful coverage on local TV and radio.

You can watch the video here.

In Devon UK, Joe Stevens organised a series of radio broadcasts live from DIVAcontemporary. You can listen here and watch on YouTube.

I also heard of events in Paris, Brussels and Chicago. If anyone has documentation of these or any others,  please post links in the comments.

Historic Art of Noises recording?


I’ve hinted at it in previous posts and here it is… The lost recording of Luigi Russolo performing his own “Art of Noises” manifesto, probably recorded at the Milan apartment of FT Marinetti on an Edison Phonograph.

The recording is followed by an interview that I did for Onda Italiana confirming the authenticity of the work.

Listen to the recording here on Soundcloud.

CarTet and others…

“We must enlarge and enrich more and more the domain of musical sounds. … This need and this tendency can be totally realised only through the joining and substituting of noises to and for musical sounds. “ (Russolo 1913, translated by Robert Filliou, 1967)

Dear Fellow Recordists and Noisemakers!

Monday 11th March marks an auspicious occasion – the 100th anniversary of the publication of the “Art of Noises” manifesto by futurist artist Luigi Russolo. With the manifesto and the concerts that followed, Russolo, an Italian painter, opened our ears to the use of noise as musical material. Without him the entire history of 20th century music might have taken a different course.

On March 11th 2013, The Neo Futurist Collective and Fruit for the Apocalypse will celebrate the 100th anniversary with a short guerrilla performance at 7.30pm GMT. In a Central London location (whereabouts to be announced on the day at 5pm GMT) we will perform “Cartet” – a Quartet for Car Engines, Horns and Radios in homage to Russolo’s call for the celebration of urban noise. Announcements will be made via Twitter:

Also on March 11th we will be revealing to the world a recently uncovered recording of what appears to be Luigi Russolo himself declaiming a short section of his manifesto. This potentially historically important recording is particularly poignant because most of Russolo’s instruments and scores were destroyed or lost during the intervening two world wars. All that is left is the opening 7 bars of the score to his noise symphony “Awakening of a City”.

On the same day in Amsterdam at 13:30 (CET) Professor Russolo and His Noise Intoners will be staging a 1 hour bicycle parade with klaxons and Manifesto pamphlets. See his web site for details (http:// www.russolo.nl).
Onda Italiana will be broadcasting an interview and performance excerpts from the Professor in Dutch, Italian (and a little English) along with the recently uncovered Russolo recording, plus interviews with experts discussing the newly discovered recording.