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Alex Braidwood

Alex Braidwood is a sound artist, media designer, and educator who maintains a practice exploring issues of sustainability at the intersection of art and science. He has exhibited art, led workshops, lectured on his work, and performed live at a variety of events and venues throughout the US, Europe, Asia, and Australia. He has been an artist in residence in an Australian mountain village, on an Iowa farm, at a mid-western biological field research station, and on Isle Royale National Park. Alex is Director of the Artist-in-Residence program at Iowa Lakeside Lab field research station as well as Director of Graphic Design Graduate Education and faculty in the Human Computer Interaction program at Iowa State University. He is Artistic Director for Group Creatives, a Des Moines-based organization helping midwest cities develop and implement public art master plans. He also serves as Secretary for the Midwest Society for Acoustic Ecology (MSAE) board of directors, president of the World Listening Project, and as MSAE representative on the World Forum for Acoustic Ecology board of directors.

Norman W. Long

Norman W. Long is an artist/composer. His practice involves walking, listening, collecting, improvising, performing and recording to create objects, environments and situations in which he and the audience are engaged in dialogues about memory space, value, silence and the invisible. He has performed and exhibited at the Hyde Park Art Center (1998), Experimental Sound Studio, Kavi Gupta Gallery, Hungryman Gallery, Harold Washington College, Chicago Artists Coalition Gallery, Links Hall, Elastic, and the Arts Club for the 2015 Chicago Humanities Festival, Chicago Cultural Center and 2017 PRIZM Art Fair (Miami). Norman has performed with Damon Locks, Angel Bat Dawid and the Brothahood, Sara Zalek, Cristal Sabbagh, Dan Bitney, John Daniel (Forest Management) and Todd Carter. Norman has received 3Arts Award for Sound Art in 2012, 3Arts Djerassi (Woodside, CA) Artists Residency Fellowship in 2014, BOLT Artist in Residence at the Chicago Artists Coalition in 2014-2015, 3Arts Fellowship at AS220 (Providence, RI) 2017 Artist in Residence program, 3Walls RaD Lab Fellow for 2017-2018 and Guest Composer at EMS Elektronmusikstudion, Stockholm, Sweden made possible in part by the City of Chicago’s DCASE grant.

Amanda Gutiérrez

Amanda Gutierrez (b. 1978, Mexico City) explores the experience of home, belonging, and cultural identity by bringing into focus details of everyday practices whose ordinary status makes it particularly hard for us to notice their key role in defining who we are. Trained and graduated initially as a stage designer from The National School of Theater, Gutiérrez uses a range of media such as sound art and performance art to investigate how these conditions of everyday life set the stage for our experiences and in doing so shape our individual and collective identities. Approaching these questions from immigrants’ perspectives continues to be of special interest to Gutiérrez, who completed her MFA in Media and Performance Studies at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Most recently, Gutiérrez has focused especially on the role of sound in everyday experience, drawing on methods of urban studies and acoustic ecology. Through a regular use of participatory techniques such as soundwalk and drift (dérive) she implements her vision of art practice as a critical and empowering engagement with the everyday forces that remain below our ordinary threshold of attention. Accordingly, these techniques also constitute the core of the pedagogical practice Gutiérrez has developed over a decade of teaching in diverse settings ranging from high schools on Chicago’s South Side to a senior center on New York’s Upper West Side, including academic institutions such as the SAIC, Connecticut College, and Columbia University. Gutiérrez has held numerous art residencies in FACT Liverpool in the UK, ZKM in Germany, TAV in Taiwan, Bolit Art Center in Spain, and her work has been exhibited internationally in venues such as The Liverpool Biennale in 2012, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council. A recipient of a grant from the National System of Art Creators, in Mexico, Gutiérrez is currently a resident at the New York Camera Club, preparing a solo exhibition for Baxter Gallery, in Manhattan.

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Gurkan Mihci

Gurkan Maruf Mihci is Assistant Professor at IUPUI Herron School of Art and Design and pursues his PhD at Istanbul Institute of Design. He has his Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Graphic Design (Bilkent University) and, Master of Arts in Visual Arts and Visual Communication Design (Sabanci University) with a concentration in Audio Visual Noise and Glitch. He also has a Central European University Graduate Certificate in Culture and Politics.

Ana Mora

Pianist, educator, and sound researcher. Ph.D. Candidate in Arts at the Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes y Literatura (INBAL) in Mexico City.  Piano teacher at the Universidad de las Américas Puebla (UDLAP). She holds a master's degree in Piano Performance from Brooklyn College. As a pianist, Mora is interested in Contemporary music repertoire with a gender perspective. She has performed in Mexico, Canada, and the United States. Her research focuses on experimental music and interdisciplinary practices by women and non-binary artists. She co-produces the MINGA radio program streamed weekly by Radio CASo (Centro de Arte Sonoro- Argentina). She collaborates with the platform MUSEXPLAT (Música Experimental Latinoamericana) where she also hosts a conversational virtual space called La Sobremesa as part of the same platform.

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JL Simonson

J.L. Simonson is a universal community member and sound artist enamored by transgressive temporalities, the sonic power of diaspora, and the potential energy of interstellar listening. They use forgotten and found sounds in addition to piano, guitar, and synthesizers to create installations and electroacoustic compositions. Multidimensional lensing, trauma-informed compassion, and intersectional justice are the guides of their professional and creative practice.

They are a two-time recipient of both the PRAXIS Career and Susan Rose Scholarships in Musical Advancement, as well as a Northampton Arts Council Community Arts Grant recipient. Their creative work has also been supported by The Pauline Oliveros Trust, Ministry of Maåt, Great Lakes Association of Sound Studies, The Jones Institute, Hampshire College, Temple University, the Midwest Society for Acoustic Ecology, and the Chicago Parks District.

Diana Chester

Dr. Diana Chester is a sound studies scholar, composer, educator, and artist. Diana's work uses sound to traverse disciplinary boundaries and explore sonic capacities core to the human condition, and as a tool to re-presence our historical past. This work draws from sound studies, archival studies, and the ethnographic study of expressive culture in religious festivals and traditions. Diana's research is largely practice-based and relies on field recording and composition to explore sound in diverse contexts around the world working fluidly with multilingual, environmental, and data generated sounds. Current explorations include the study of sound and culture focused on religion and the environment, the audio essay as a form of sonic scholarship, and new artistic methods and practices at the intersection of spacialized media technologies and scientific research. The work is driven by a desire to tell stories using sound, technology, and composition. Diana's monograph, Sonic Encounters: The Islamic Call to Prayer is a glimpse into the creative, methodological, and artistic implications of a 10-year research project making field recordings of (adhan) the Islamic call to prayer, and sits alongside a broader body of academic and creative work including numerous journal articles on sound, audio essays, and solo exhibitions in five countries. These include exhibitions at the InterArtsCenter in Sweden, Gallery25 in Perth Australia, Gallery 4211 in Abu Dhabi, and a forthcoming soundscape for the Smithsonian currently being developed for installation on the Mall in Washington, DC. Diana currently holds a lecturer position in the Department of Media and Communication at the University of Sydney. 

Linda O Keeffe

Dr. Linda O Keeffe is a sound artist based in Edinburgh, Scotland. She is head of the School of Art at Edinburgh College of Art. She is founder of the Women in Sound Women on Sound (WISWOS) organisation, Editor-in-Chief for the Interference Journal, a journal of audio cultures. She Co-Founded the Irish Sound Science and Technology Association in 2009 and was President from 2015-17.

O Keeffe has had works performed and exhibited in Asia, the USA, Brazil, Canada and Europe. In 2018 O Keeffe was awarded the Arts Council of England international travel award to undertake a large research project which included touring Brazil giving talks, performances and organising workshops, symposia and outreach activities. During this time she released two albums (album 1, album 2) and published a paper, Applying Feminist Methodologies in the Sonic Arts: Sound Walking as a Process, full paper here.

Other recent works include; an exhibition at the New Art Exchange (NAE) Gallery Nottingham 2017, a commission for the Ormston Gallery as part of EV&A festival in Ireland 2016, Murder Machine, a solo exhibition for the Leitrim Sculpture Centre in 2014, ‘Spaces of Sound and Radio Spaces’, and in 2017 was commissioned to be part of the creative team developing an interactive and immersive theatre production in Manchester at The Horsefall space. Her work is predominantly sound based with a focus on installation and performance as well as soundscape studies. She has created works for radio, dance and public installation projects. In 2010 she released an album with Farpoint recordings, Metamorphosis and Praxis and collaborative albums with Artificial Memory Trace in 2012 and 2017. Her written publications include, ‘Thinking Through New Methodologies-Sounding out the city with teenagers’, published by the Qualitative Sociological Review (2015), ‘Memories of sound: socioeconomic, community and cultural soundscapes of Smithfield, Dublin from the 1950s’ (2016) in the 2nd Ed. of the Auditory Culture Reader, and Reclaiming Public Space: Sound and Mobile Media Use by Teenagers, published in the International Journal of Communication (2015).

In 2015 she was a recipient of the Information Knowledge Exchange Award from Lancaster University for the development of her organisation. In 2017 O Keeffe, Tony Doyle and Rebecca Collins received the Research In A Box grant from Lancaster University to develop the online eduction toolkit, Activating Women In Sound. O Keeffe has received numerous commissions and arts funding, both in Ireland and internationally, including the Irish Artists Bursary Award.

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Dan Godston

Whale song and spring peeper choruses, coyote yawps and saxophone skronks, creek babbles and predawn wave crashes, rolling thunder geophony and the sound of a garden at night — these are some of Dan’s favorite things. He is a Chicago-based educator and artist, and is among WLP’s founders.

Leah Barclay

Dr. Leah Barclay is an award winning Australian sound artist, researcher and acoustic ecologist working at the intersection of art, science and technology. Her work has been commissioned, performed and exhibited to wide acclaim internationally by organisations including UNESCO, Ear to the Earth, the Smithsonian, Al Gore’s Climate Reality and the IUCN. Leah leads several large-scale research projects including Biosphere Soundscapes, an interdisciplinary venture exploring the changing soundscapes of UNESCO Biosphere Reserves and River Listening, which examines the future possibilities of freshwater ecoacoustics in collaboration with the Australian Rivers Institute. Leah is the President of the Australia Forum for Acoustic Ecology, the Vice President of the World Forum for Acoustic Ecology and serves on the board of a range of arts and environmental organisations. She is currently a research fellow at Griffith University with the Queensland Conservatorium Research Centre and Griffith Climate Change Response program where she is leading a portfolio of research in acoustic ecology and climate action.  



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Advisory Council Members

Eric Leonardson

Eric Leonardson (he / him / his), a Chicago-based audio artist, previously served as the President and Board Chair of the World Listening Project. Eric is currently founder and co-chair of the Midwest Society for Acoustic Ecology and President of the World Forum for Acoustic Ecology. He is Adjunct Associate Professor in the Department of Sound at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC). As a performer, composer, and sound designer, Leonardson created sound with the Chicago based physical theater company Plasticene (1995-2012). Leonardson performs internationally with the Springboard, a self-built instrument made in 1994 and often presents on acoustic ecology to new audiences.

With Professor Sabine Breitsameter, Leonardson co-edited Ways of Listening, Figures of Thought: A Festschrift for R. Murray Schafer On the Occasion of His 80th Birthday (2013). Additional articles appear in The Journal of Radio and Audio Media, Volume 22, Number 1, The Journal of Urban Cultural Studies, Volume 2, Numbers 1-2,and The Conrad Grebel Review, Volume 33, Number 2.

Leonardson earned a Master of Fine Arts (Time Arts) degree at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 1983, and his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree (Visual Art) at Northern Illinois University in 1980. He is a recipient of two Illinois Arts Council Media Arts Fellowships (2002 and 2006), and was a 2013 Copeland Fellow at Amherst College.


Katherine Krause

Katherine Krause is Vice President of Wild Sanctuary, providing professional field-recordings from the Bernie Krause Audio Archive, an all- digital resource of species specific and habitat ambient recordings for science, art, and public outreach.  A media producer, branding, production and product development strategist and designer,  Kat is liaison for ongoing public relations, promotion, and concept development on projects furthering international cultural awareness of natural soundscapes.