THE WORLD LISTENING PROJECT (WLP) is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization devoted to understanding the world and its natural environment, societies and cultures through the practices of listening and field recording.

The WLP was founded in 2008 and is supported by the Midwest Society for Acoustic Ecology, a membership organization and regional chapter of the American Society for Acoustic Ecology, affiliated with the World Forum for Acoustic Ecology.

The WLP maintains a website and online forum about its artistic and educational activities. These include the use of radio and web-based technologies, conducting public workshops, forums, and lectures, as well as participating in exhibitions, symposiums, and festivals. To learn more and become involved in the WLP’s activities please subscribe to our discussion group.

2014 World Listening Day – “Listen To You!”

You are invited to participate in the 2014 World Listening Day an annual glocal event held on July 18. The purposes of World Listening Day are to:

This year’s theme for World Listening Day is “Listen To You!” Some questions to consider:

  • How do you make yourself heard by others ?
  • How do you listen and what do you hear when you want to be unseen?
  • How might the sounds you produce adapt to your nearby environment?
  • What might a “listening ethic” be?
  • How might such an ethic apply particularly to understanding the relationship between humans and other living creatures?

World Listening Day is co-organized by the World Listening Project (WLP) and the Midwest Society for Acoustic Ecology (MSAE). July 18 was chosen because it is the birthday of Canadian writer, educator, philosopher, visual artist, and composer R. Murray Schafer. His effort leading the World Soundscape Project and his seminal book, The Tuning of the World inspired global interest in a new field of research and practice known as Acoustic Ecology.

WLP and MSAE invite you to participate in the 2014 World Listening Day on Friday, July 18, and through the week of July 14th-20th. Some suggestions on how you can participate and organize may be:

  • A soundwalk or a listening party with people who make, listen, and discuss field recordings.
  • A performance event that explores your soundscape and how we can listen to our soundscape, or sonic environment.
  • A private / solitary way, by listening attentively to your soundscape.
  • An educational event that relates to acoustic ecology, field recordings, or a similar topic.
  • Contact local groups participating in World Listening Day and get involved.

Participation in the past four World Listening Days exceeded our expectations. In this fifth year we anticipate even greater activity and interest. Please join in the 2014 World Listening Day activities by emailing about your plans. Please be sure to include “World Listening Day” in the subject line or download the 2014 World Listening Day participation form here. Thanks!


2010 ASAE National Symposium and Retreat



The American Society for Acoustic Ecology is pleased to announce ASAE Chicago:

“Listening for the Future”

July 9th, 10th & 11th, 2010


This is the first-ever national gathering of the ASAE membership and the general public. Hosted by the Midwest Society for Acoustic Ecology and the World Listening Project, Listening for the Future will take place from July 9-11, 2010. We think it’s going to be a fantastic three days, with plenty of information and inspiration to go around. We hope you will join us at this landmark event.


Event Highlights


  • Friday (7/9) – Friday (7/9) ‘Citizen Sound’ symposium featuring a wine and cheese reception, introductions to each of the ASAE chapters, and presentations by leaders in Chicago’s cultural and advocacy scene. Featured guests include Lou Mallozzi, Executive Director of Experimental Sound Studio and architect Graham Balkany of the Gropius in Chicago Coalition. A media lounge, where guests can sample CDs and peruse publications by participants, performers and ASAE members, will be open all night. Following dinner at a local eatery, we’ll be treated to a concert featuring ASAE member composers, performers and special guests.
  • Saturday (7/10) – Head “out of town” for an afternoon soundwalk in Miller Woods, at the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore. After the dunes soundwalk, it’s back to the city for another group dinner followed by a Chicago nightlife soundwalk. This day’s events should provide plenty of opportunities for informal conversation and networking among members.
  • Sunday (7/11) ASAE members lead a workshop for children and families. A late afternoon concert and closing reception will follow. ASAE members from New York, San Francisco, the Midwest, Southwest and beyond will present their works.


The ASAE – Listening for the Futurelisten


During the course of these events, the ASAE‘s governing body and leaders from all the regional chapters will be meeting to brainstorm for the future of the organization. We will be soliciting input from you – our members – as we embark on this important work. Please plan to share any ideas, concerns or questions about the organization that you might have.





Photo by Eric Leonardson

All events, including both concerts, the ‘Citizen Sound’ symposium, the soundwalks and the workshop are free for ASAE members (current for 2010). All meals are pay-your-own, but we’ll be making advance reservations so will ask you to register. Transportation between venues, including the Dunes soundwalk, will be via public transit. These costs are not covered by the ASAE, but we will plan to meet and travel as a group to the Dunes soundwalk.

We’re working now to put together a list of hotels and travel resources for those of you attending from afar. Homestays with Chicago MSAE and WLP members may also be possible.

Additional details will be posted on the Listening for the Future web page. Please bookmark and check back often as we’ll be making frequent updates from here forward. A registration page will be posted early next week, along with locations of all venues, maps, schedules etc.



Listening for the Future Organizing Committee:

Eric Leonardson, Chair
Michelle Nagai
Andrea Polli

Assisted by:
Jamie Davis
Jesse Seay

Listening for the Future is organized by the American Society for Acoustic Ecology, and hosted by the Midwest Society for Acoustic Ecology and the World Listening Project. Sponsors include (89.5 FM), The National Park Service and Columbia College.


Learn how to explore a natural environment through sound. Below is additional information about the upcoming soundwalk at the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore:


  • Time: 2:00 to 4:00 p.m.
    Date: Saturday, July 10

  • Location: Paul H. Douglas Center for Environmental Education, 20 N Lake Street, Miller, IN 46403

  • 89.5FM is pleased to support the Midwest Society for Acoustic Ecology as a media sponsor for the Indiana Dunes Sound Walk.

  • A brief presentation by members of the American Society for Acoustic Ecology will be given at the Douglas Center before the soundwalk in Miller Woods. The soundwalk concludes with a discussion for participants.


Read about the soundwalk and other events in the park’s newspaper, Singing Sands.

Vocalo ORG.FM

Download the Park Newspaper (with park map) – The Singing Sands Summer 2010



  • The Paul H. Douglas Center is an approximately 10-minute walk from the Miller station on the South Shore Line.
  • Trains depart from downtown Chicago three times in the morning, arriving in time to attend the soundwalk. (Travel time: approximately 1 hour and 8 minutes.) To view the weekend train schedule between the Millennium Park station, 151 E. Randolph Street, downtown and Miller station visit


Eastbound Weekend/Holiday

Origin Station: Millennium Station

Destination Station: Miller

Schedule Generated: Fri Mar 19 18:27:08 2010

Train Number Departure Arrival
503 08:40AM d09:48AM
603 10:45AM d11:54AM
605 12:12PM d01:21PM
505 01:35PM d02:44PM
507 04:43PM d05:52PM
509 06:22PM d07:31PM
511 09:15PM d10:24PM
513 11:15PM d12:24AM
601 12:45AM d01:48AM
Fare Type Cost
One Way $5.50
Reduced One Way $2.75
10 Ride $52.25
25 Ride $123.75
Reduced 25 Ride $68.75
Monthly Pass $159.50

Qualifications for REDUCED FARES

Children 13 Years and Younger, Seniors 65 and Older, Passengers with

f = Flag Stop d = Train Departs after Discharging Passengers

Schedule provided by

Northern Indiana Commuter Transportation District


Westbound Weekend/Holiday Schedule

Origin Station: Miller

Destination Station: Millennium Station

Train Number Departure Arrival
600 05:56AM 07:00AM
502 08:06AM 09:13AM
606 10:03AM 11:10AM
506 01:31PM 02:39PM
608 04:16PM 05:23PM
508 06:05PM 07:11PM
610 07:46PM 08:52PM
510 10:36PM 11:43PM
Fare Type Cost
One Way $5.50
Reduced One Way $2.75
10 Ride $52.25
25 Ride $123.75
Reduced 25 Ride $68.75
Monthly Pass $159.50