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Mixage Fou Call for Submissions

Mixage Fou and the Midwest Society for Acoustic Ecology invite you to participate in the 6th Annual Mixage Fou (Crazy Mix) Sound Bank and the 6th annual Mixage Fou International 80 Second Sound Competition.

Mixage FouThis call is in two parts:

Mixage Fou Chicago Sound Bank: Urban Wilderness

What is “wild” about life in the city? How does nature in the city sound? What sounds define a city’s identity? The MSAE invites you to submit original field recordings that reflect and reveal the diverse soundscapes of Chicago and vicinity. Materials submitted to the Sound Bank must be covered by a Creative Commons license as they may be used by participants of the International Sound Competition part of the call (see below). Recordings should be as high quality as possible and suitable for processing as source materials. Deadline for submission is September 27. Download the complete call for additional details. Continue reading Mixage Fou Call for Submissions

The Bucharest Delta

The Vacaresti swamp is an abandoned lake site in the south-eastern part of Bucharest. Construction started in 1986 as part of the city’s hydrological flooding prevention system, but after the fall of communist dictator Ceausescu, it was never finished. Today, on...

July–September WFAE News Quarterly

The WFAE News Quarterly for July-September 2013 is now online at This issue includes a feature article by Nicholas Green on the design of a botanic garden sound installation project and a research report on a Rome based soundscape perception...