Donate & Support The Work of the World Listening Project

The World Listening Project is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization devoted to fostering understanding of the world and its natural environment, societies, and cultures through the practices of listening and field recording.

Can you help us reach our goals?

Any amount, as a one-time gift or recurring donation, makes a huge difference in the work of the World Listening Project.

Organizing World Listening Day, providing tools, and supporting a platform for continued engagement to build awareness of the importance of listening, field recording, and sound studies is richer because of the support from people like you.

Our Seal of Transparency is a publicly accessible profile of our organization’s capacity and commitment to its mission.

Things new & existing World Listening Project is doing that your support in any amount will greatly benefit:

Expanding accessibility for events and activations

  • Additional multi-lingual services for applications, proposals, and events
  • Additional support for hearing and visual  impairment for events, live streams, and other activations
  • Development of educational tools and resources

Expanding overall programming

  • Increased World Listening Day activities
  • Additional artist support
  • Additional activations throughout the year

Expanding Technology and Tech-related Personnel Support

  • More advanced live stream platform engagement and streaming tool access
  • Increased support for the people managing and coordinating live streams, performances, and other increasingly virtual activations
  • Developing opportunities for increasing participation and lowering the barrier of entry to all