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Green Field Recordings


 We are listening with…

The theme that opened into a world of possibilities.

Listening with Dawn, in the village… with dusk
with the birds and the trees… with insects…
With babies on the beach…
with the wind… with silence…
with the mountains and the trees…

with touch… with untouched spaces…  


On the 18th of July, we had two teams listening with, very unique qualities, in Auroville, South India.

While a team of fine music instrument craftsmen from SVARAM listened with their tools, machines and village atmospheres, a group of 30 individuals from around the globe, attending a sound workshop in Auroville, brought in their listening gifts to play the SVARAM instruments.

Our composition reflects this unique meeting ground as a journey: 

Arriving out of chaos, into the inner temple of sound.

We are listening with… Svaram

IMG_3957 b

The Invisible Suburb: An Outdoor Sonic Art Installation

The Invisible Suburb featured recordings made in and around the homes of Austin artists, evoking the traces of domestic life that once permeated the now mostly deserted Onion Creek neighborhood, where evidence of former habitations is steadily becoming overtaken by nature. Through speakers nestled among tall grass and other plant life, participants were able to listen an audible reference to the neighborhood’s residential past while seeing and feeling the verdure of its future. 

The installation includes recordings made by Henna Chou, Anne Fichtner, Vanessa Gelvin, Travis Putnam Hill, Neal B. Johnson, Alex Keller, Lacey Lewis, Christopher McConnell, Daniy Oberle, Sean O’Neill, Travis Pope, Josh Ronsen, Christy Tappe and Jackson Warren.

Phonography Austin is dedicated to exploring phonography and acoustic ecology. The organization’s membership presents an ongoing program of listening experiences and educational workshops designed to foster artistic investigation of sound environments, acoustic phenomena and other aural situations through the practice of field recording. Learn more at their website or facebook page.  

Also, you may follow Phonography Austin on Twitter and Instagram.

Audio Postcards Canada

“What do the audio postcards evoke in you? How do your senses get activated as you listen to these delicately created sound excerpts from the vastness of this country? What do you see, smell or taste, and does your sense of touch get activated? What memories do they elicit? Like the original picture postcards, these audio postcards present us with a clear frame, a theme, a limited time involvement of 2 minutes, a specific place or situation. Our ears are not in danger of getting lost in unknown and possibly endless journeys that might disorient us.”

Hildegard Westerkamp 

Audio Postcards Canada features 16 exceptional pieces of audio art selected from 87 eclectic works submitted to Canadian Association for Sound Ecology. Listen and learn more at CASE’s website.