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CarTet and others…

“We must enlarge and enrich more and more the domain of musical sounds. … This need and this tendency can be totally realised only through the joining and substituting of noises to and for musical sounds. “ (Russolo 1913,...

2012 World Listening Day

The 2012 World Listening Day happens on Wednesday, July 18th. The purposes of World Listening Day are: to celebrate different ways we can focus on our soundscape (sonic environment); to raise awareness about the acoustic ecology movement, including ideas...

Joensuu Soundscape Composition Contest 2011

The deadline for soundscape compositions has been extended from June 3 to June 5, 2011. Website: www.ilosaarirock.fi/popkatu/2011/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=16&Itemid=24 Facebook page: www.facebook.com/pages/Joensuu-Soundscape-Composition-Contest/134542189950523 The theme of this year’s contest is “Transforming Localities”. Learn about about other events, new calls for submissions, festivals,...

2011 World Listening Day, July 18

The World Listening Project (WLP) and Midwest Society for Acoustic Ecology (MSAE) invite you to participate in the 2011 World Listening Day on Monday, July 18.

Here are several possible ways to participate:

  • Organize a soundwalk.  What is a soundwalk? Start here
  • Organize a performance event that explores soundscape and how we can listen to our sonic environment.
  • Participate introspectively by simply paying attention to your soundscape.
  • You can facilitate an educational event that relates to acoustic ecology, field recordings, or a similar topic.

The level of participation in 2010 was amazing. We would like to see if we could double or even triple the number of participants worldwide this time. If you would like to participate in the 2011 World Listening Day, please download and fill out the 2011 World Listening Day participation form. Then email it to <worldlistening@gmail.com> with “World Listening Day” in the subject line.

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