#SoundCon x World Listening Day “Sounds Lost and Found” virtual symposium

Sounding Out! Podcast #32: The World Listening Update – 2014 Edition

Eric Leonardson and Monica Ryan celebrate World Listening Day 2014 by reflecting on the work of R. Murray Schafer and the World Soundscape Project. Interviewees Professor Sabine Breitsameter of Hochschule Darmstadt (Germany) and Professor Barry Truax of Simon Fraser University (Canada) discuss the impact of Schafer’s ideas and offer commentary on contemporary threads within the field of Acoustic Ecology. How does does Acoustic Ecology help us to think through today’s complex environments and how can listeners like you make a difference?

Green Field Recordings

The portuguese netlabel dedicated to the world of field recording.
► VA – Green Field Recordings – World Listening Day 2014


World Listening Project


Wandering Ear 

Midwest Society for Acoustic Ecology  + World Listening Project – Christopher Preissing, Curator

The Empty Space

Launched in 2006, Wandering Ear is a net.label dedicated to releasing field recording-oriented audio from around the world. The concept is deliberately open-ended to accommodate the unexpected. Wandering Ear is co-curated by Nathan Larson and Mike Hallenbeck.

the empty space, destitute of activity, once inhabited, teeming with life, leaving traces in the earth, on their walls, in the air abandoned or never inhabited a sonic odor, once removed remains etched in the subconscious

framework radio

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the art of sound-hunting :::

2010 + 2011 The World Listening Project_a four part series for Framework:Afield


Episode 1: Sounds You Might Have Heard #285: 2010.05.23

produced by Dave Armstrong


Episode 2: Urban Archeology #291: 2010.07.04

produced by John Kannenberg

Long-standing human settlements leave a material record of their past. Can this evidence also exist in sonic form? What soundmaking materials in urban areas contain information about past eras? What data exists in the sonic strata of cities?

From the sounds of resurrected, obsolete equipment, to the echoes of an ancient passageway, to the sound of footsteps treading the same ground others have walked on in ages past, urban areas teem with sonic history.

“This episode of Framework:Afield travels to five continents to present Urban Archeology, the sounds of history that surround us — the sonic strata of cities.” – John Kannenberg

  • John Kannenberg / “Nilometer” (Rhoda Island, Cairo, Egypt) / 
  • Shinichiroa / “Tekiya” (Japan) /
  • Dan Godston / “Rain Under I-10 Overpass at Esplanade Ave” (New Orleans, US) / 
  • Blevin Blectum / “The Machine” (Providence, US) /
  • Chad Clark / “Uptown” (Chicago, US) / 
  • Kate Carr / “My Slazenger” (Sydney, Australia) / 
  • Glenn Bach / “Shift” (Newport Beach, US)/ 
  • Patrick Farmer / “Panshager Aerodome” (Hertfordshire, UK) /
  • Steve Barsotti / “Terraces” (Seattle, US)
  • Roger Mills / “Alluvium” (Sydney, Australia) / 
  • Stephen Shiell / “Sideshow” (Coney Island, US) / 
  • smgsap / “Oil Rigs of Signal Hill, California” (Signal Hill, US) / 
  • Richard Lainhart / “Threshold” (New York, US) / 


Episode 3: Collected Ear #298: 2010.09.26

produced by Andy Armstrong

  • Family Xmas Dinner – Eric Boivin
  • 7 Markers Across a Hallway (excerpt) – Noé Cuéllar 
  • Paradise IV – Paul Connolly 
  • Seagulls and Where They Live – Joe Stevens
  • Bridge – Andy Armstrong 
  • Doing the Dishes – Björn Eriksson 
  • Megabus 7 Layer Drone – Royl Culbertson
  • Waves on to a Sandy Beach – Joe Stevens
  • Lizard – Miles Bowe 
  • Drift Away, Laying on the Beach – Joe Stevens
  • Washdrone – Royl Culbertson
  • Old Dog/Spillway – Greaser


Episode 4: Worlds Unheard #326: 2011.04.24

produced by Greg O’Drobinak

For this edition Greg O’Drobinak assembled a collection of recordings of physical and non-physical phenomena normally beyond the range of human hearing and experience. Featured are recordings of bats, cellular activity, structural transduction, siesmic waves, electromagnetic fields, vlf (very low frequency) sferics, and evp (electronic voice phenomena).

  • raimund specht
  • anne niemetz
  • joe davis
  • jodi rose
  • mark bain
  • john bulitt
  • christina kubisch
  • steven p. mcgreevy
  • raymond cass
  • michael esposito