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Tokyo Phonographers Union x Pioneer Global Sounds Present “Listening to the Day: Sounds of July 18th”

As part of World Listening Day, celebrated around the world on July 18th, birthday of R. Murray Schafer, the founder of the Soundscape, Tokyo Phonographers Union and Pioneer Global Sounds present “Listening to the day: sounds of July 18th. ”

Using Pioneer’s “Global Sounds” iPhone application which allows you to record, upload and share sounds, please contribute the sounds you hear in your city on July 18th. Like an Instagram or a Tweet, let’s share the sounds you hear at home or in your town, a moment of your life, with people from around the world. With the theme of “listening to sound, enjoying sound and rediscovering the world through sound,” anybody, even if you’ve never recorded sound before, can participate in the project.

[Call For Submissions]

Where: Anywhere in the World

When: Thursday, July 18


  • Download the Global Sounds iPhone App
  • Share your sound→ Upload your sound and photo. If you have a twitter account, share the post in twitter with the hashtag, #WLD718 )
  • Listen to the sounds→ You can listen to the uploaded sounds with the iPhone Global Sounds app as well as on the Global Sounds website.
  • Enjoy with others→ During the Listening Session at the TPU event on July 20th, we will select and listen to some of the uploaded sounds.

It may also be fun to host a listening party using the uploaded sounds. (And please do let the TPU know about your activities.)

[How to use the Global Sounds iPhone App]


[Some Helpful Hints]

  • You can record 15 to 60 seconds of sound using the Global Sounds iPhone App. We recommend you upload full 60 second recordings.
  • Please make sure you don’t get wind noise. To prevent wind noise find a wind-free location or cover the microphone with a piece of foam or a scarf. Try a few different approaches.

Co-sponsored by Tokyo Phonographers Union and Pioneer Global Sounds.