2022 New President’s Message

Dear Listeners,

First of all, I want to say how honored I am to step into this service role following the positive and supportive vote by the current World Listening Project Board of Directors.

I wish to thank my predecessor, Eric Leonardson, for the nomination and the support throughout the voting and transition process. Eric has created some very large shoes to fill, and I do not take this responsibility lightly. Eric is many things to many people. Artist, educator, advocate, organizer, mentor, resource, and the list could go on. Eric has been all of these things to me at one time or another, but above all, I am most honored to call Eric a friend. Thank you, Eric.

As we move forward into 2022 with what continues to be uncertain times, organizations like the World Listening Project and its premiere global event, World Listening Day, occupy a unique position rich with possibilities. World Listening Day is a truly global initiative that also contains, by design, the potential for lasting, positive local impact within its structure.

These are challenging times for many different reasons all over the world. That’s part of why I believe so much in the importance of the World Listening Project’s mission. It amplifies the value of listening to the external world. It reinforces the importance of listening to our individual spaces and communities. It provides a framework for listening to ourselves and each other in sometimes new and unexpected ways. The understanding gained through listening, the active pause to make room for reception, is the kind of focused reflection the world could use a bit more of right now. I am truly honored to be stepping into this position as President of the World Listening Project for this and many other reasons.

The current board of directors comprises a talented group of brilliant individuals from around the world representing a wide range of backgrounds and disciplines. I very much look forward to the work we’ll be able to do together and the fun we’ll be able to have along the way.

Stay tuned for more exciting things to come from the World Listening Project, and as always, thank you for listening.

Alex Braidwood
President, World Listening Project
Instagram: @ListeningInstruments

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