CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: The Empty Space compilation release on the Wandering Ear net.label

Midwest Society for Acoustic Ecology and The World Listening Project are seeking submissions for The Empty Spaces, a compilation release on the Wandering Ear net.label. Launched in 2006, Wandering Ear is dedicated to releasing field recording-oriented audio from around the world. The concept is deliberately open-ended to accommodate the unexpected. Co-curated by Nathan Larson and Mike Hallenbeck, all Wandering Ear releases are available for free download by individual track or as a zipped file containing all tracks under a Creative Commons License for personal use.




Empty spaces, destitute of activity,

Once inhabited, teaming with life, leaving traces…

in the earth, on their walls, in the air

Empty places… abandoned or never inhabited

a sonic odor, once removed

remains etched in the subconscious


The Empty Space is an invitation for new or existing field recordings and field recording-based audio submissions that explore the sonic qualities of the Empty Space. All tracks of this CD-length compilation will be exclusive to the Wandering Ear site and will be available for free download for non-commercial use under a Creative Commons License.

  • Submissions must have field recordings as a substantial element, but could include montages, audio manipulation, voiceover, narration, etc.
  • Submissions may be no more than 10 minutes duration, recommended length is 6-8 minutes.

Please send stereo 192 kbps MP3 format audio file, text description, bio, and image in a single zipped file via downloadable link or Yousendit to:

Christopher Preissing: preissing@gmail.com

DEADLINE: Submissions must be received by September 1 to be eligible for inclusion in the compilation.

NOTE: In the event that more submissions are received than can be included in the compilation, curatorial license will be exercised.


  1. Anton Mobin Avatar

    FANTASTIC !! i’ll work on it now !

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