#GivingTuesday December 1, 2020

The World Listening Project’s signature initiative, World Listening Day, was established in 2010 as an international day of awareness for the burgeoning and diversifying interests in our changing acoustic environment through local and online activities.  The date, July 18, honors the renowned Canadian composer, music educator, and author, R. Murray Schafer on his birthday.

The World Listening Project maintains a website which serves as online forums about its artistic and educational activities. These include the use of radio and web-based technologies, conducting public workshops and lectures, as well as participating in exhibitions, symposiums, and festivals. A variety of communications platforms bring its international community of students, educators, researchers, artists, and other curious listeners together in an informal network of individual and group participants.

Your support will help maintain the costs associated with more accessible communications and digital programs and allow the organization to pay teaching artists to more fully engage the public and to foster an interest in and development of practices of listening and field recording.

Please visit the link below to donate:

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