Invitation: Listen To The Earth

The World Listening Project

What do you hear when you listen to the Earth? The World Listening Project invites you to participate in “Listen to the Earth,” a global event that happens during Earth Week (April 22-28, 2012). Listen to the Earth activities include listening to one’s soundscape, field recordings, soundwalks, performances, other practices that pertain to acoustic ecology, and more. Please email worldlistening at gmail dot com with ‘Listen to the Earth’ in the subject line if you would like to participate.

Information about Listen to the Earth can be found on the Earth Day Network website, and you can click on this link to download the participation form: Listen to the Earth 2012 participation form

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  1. During Listen to the Earth, I realized a sound walk through the ecologic reserve of the Pedregal del San Angel (REPSA) which is located in the southwest of Mexico City inside the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). It was born from the eruption of the Xitle volcano 2000 years ago. Now a days, it is one of the last shelters of the Broomstick tree or “Palo Loco”. This ecosystem survives next to one of the biggest and noisiest cities in the world. This field recordings will be part of a larger soundscape project (still working on it) which will include material from the REPSA’s nuclei.

    Here you may listen a little sample:

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