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World Listening Day 2015: H2O

World Listening Day 2015 H20

You are invited to participate in World Listening Day 2015, an annual global event held on July 18. The purposes of World Listening Day are to: Celebrate the listening practices of the world and the ecology of its acoustic environments;…

NHCA 2011 Annual Conference February 24–26

Invited guests this year include keynote speaker, Adrian Davis, from Royal Free Hampstead NHS Trust presenting, “Hearing Problems: A global burden - how do we reduce it?” along with Laurie Wells from Associates in Acoustics, Inc. who will be presenting "From Here to There to Hear". Consistent with our theme “Innovation & Technology,” our luncheon speaker is Barry Blesser, a technical and management consultant for the last 40 years in a wide variety of industries that include spatial acoustics, sound recording, and auditory perception.