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An invitation from Professor Bryan Pijanowski:

The Soundscape Ecology Project at Purdue is sponsoring a World Listening Day (July 18, 2011) recording drop event. We invite the public, amateur sound recording specialists, acoustic ecologists, bioacousticians, etc. to visit our web site and submit a short soundscape recording. We will collect information on your soundwalk experiences, soundscape descriptions and (optionally) contact information. Google Gazetteer tool will associate your recording with a lat,long coordinate so that we can map these soundscapes recordings. We plan to have the site active Sunday, July 17th through July 24th , 2011 (for dropping recordings). Recordings should be no longer than 3 mins. We will accept recordings of any standard audio format (although .wav format is preferred).

You can learn more about our soundscape ecology work at www.purdue.edu/soundscapes and www.human-environment.org.

The url for the World Listening Day Ubimark site is http://ubimark.info/map/reports/submit.

FYI: This site will be undergoing development through Sunday morning (July 17th) so any files uploaded are not likely to be saved. You can still upload the location of the recording and send the sound file via email at ubimarkinfo@gmail.com.

– Bryan

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