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This is a reminder that the folks at Kunstradio (ORF, Vienna) hope you will send “sound presents” for the celebration of Art’s Birthday 2011, a global exchange-art event happening January 15–18.

Use this link to begin http://kunstradio.at/PROJECTS/AB2011/presents-call.php.

The you will find an online upload tool, requiring a simple registration (with your email address).

Or, you can scream for the Kunstradio Party in Vienna online at http://www.viralradio.at/youscream/youscream.html.

To learn more about the celebration visit http://www.artsbirthday.net and click on “This Year’s Schedule 2011 January” to see the list of events around the world.

As Nadene from NAISA mentioned in her post on the WLP group, according to Fluxus artist Robert Filliou, on the 17th of January Art was born 1,000,048 year ago when someone dropped a dry sponge into a bucket of water. The celebrations Filliou initiated have continued since 1963 (give or take a few in the middle).

Again, the folks at Kunstradio are hoping you’ll send presents for Art’s Birthday in the form of sounds.

If you want to celebrate by streaming audio to the mix from your home studio, email Peter Courtemanche at noiseart@gmail.com and he’ll add you to the Art’s Birthday listserv. I will be streaming on Sunday evening, January 16 when I perform at Enemy (in Chicago) with Guillermo Gregorio and Christian Pinock (from Albuquerque, NM). The live stream link is http://mixlr.com/ericleonardson/art-s-birthday-2011.

Additional information about our concert is posted here http://ericleonardson.org/whatsnew/2011/01/03/christian-pinnock-guillermo-gregorio-eric-leonardson-live-at-enemy/.

Submitted by: Eric Leonardson

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