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Thank you for participating in World Listening Day 2021!

By completing our survey, you are helping us gauge our impact and show fellow participants and potential donors how effectively we serve the World Listening Project’s mission.

So far, we have recorded participation from over 30 countries, across 147 cities, with well over 185 WLD 2021 projects and events worldwide.

Tell us how about your experience!

While this survey is in English, please feel free to respond in your native language—if that’s easier.

The survey closes Wednesday, September 1, 2021.

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  1. Me and Alberodonte collected over 40 memories connected to sound. It was great!
    Lots of people was happy to tell us their memory and to create a big murmur with us!

    Some memories was about everyday life. Some was about really personal events. Some of them had recorded sounds in them. Some of them was told with voice. People, musician, actors, scientists, teachers…Evey kind of people with different ways to express themselves.

    During the exhibition lots of people was emotioned and connected to sounds and murmurs.

    Thank you so much for this opportunity!
    A big hug to everyone
    Claudia and Alberodonte

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