2012 World Listening Day

The 2012 World Listening Day happens on Wednesday, July 18th. The purposes of World Listening Day are:

  • to celebrate different ways we can focus on our soundscape (sonic environment);
  • to raise awareness about the acoustic ecology movement, including ideas regarding how noise pollution can be reduced; and
  • to introduce new educational initiatives and community events related to listening and acoustic ecology.

Participation in the 2012 World Listening Day focuses on the aforementioned goals, which could include listening parties, listening to one’s soundscape in private, private or public soundwalks, public forums about acoustic ecology, and more. What would you like to do on the 2012 World Listening Day? Events could happen on Wednesday, July 18th. However, if another day during that week (July 15-21) would work better with your schedule, that would be fine.

World Listening Day happens annually on July 18th—the birthdate of R. Murray Schafer, a Canadian composer who established the World Soundscape Project. Its research laid the foundations for what became known as Soundscape Studies and Acoustic Ecology.

Dozens of organizations and more than a thousand people from six continents have participated in World Listening Day so far — on the inaugural World Listening Day in 2010, and the second WLD last year. Both were great successes, and we’re hoping to have more people and organizations participate this year.

Just Listening – Ireland Calling – Call for submissions

Just Listening – Ireland Calling is an open and invited submission event being organised as part of Just Listen to showcase new and emerging work by Irish or Irish-resident sound artists and improvising artists/musicians.

The showcase will be performed live in the LSAD Gallery, Limerick School of Art & Design, LIT Clare Street Campus, Limerick on Saturday April 30TH before a public audience and a number of invited international curators. Applicants are invited to submit work to justlisten@ireland.com or by post clearly marked Just Listen, National Sculpture Factory, Albert Road, Cork Ireland either as audio CD, DVD or MP3.
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Acoustic Mirror of the World

setting up the "AMW" at the LBP

setting up the "AMW" at the LBP


The “Acoustic Mirror of the World” is a sculpture/installation that provides a tactile experience of sound. It was recently located to the Little Black Pearl Art & Design Center in Chicago, a wonderful new location following its four-month run in the “Synesthetic Plan of Chicago.”

The World Listening Project (WLP) invites you to submit your field recordings and make the “Acoustic Mirror of the World into a point of access to soundscape recordings from around the world. This sculpture/installation built for the tactile experience* of sounds was recently moved to the Little Black Pearl Art & Design Center in Chicago, a wonderful new location following its four-month run in the “Synesthetic Plan of Chicago,” an exhibition at the Chicago Cultural Center marking the 100-year anniversary of Daniel Burnham’s 1909 “Plan of Chicago.”

Please download and read the following submission guidelines provided below. [*In a nutshell, because the “Acoustic Mirror of the World” is activated by a stereo pair of two low-frequency drivers, the recordings that work best are those possessing significant amounts of low-frequency energy. Hence, the “tactile sensation” described in the following guidelines.]

Pictures of the “Acoustic Mirror of the World” are posted on this Flickr set.

If you are in Chicago, please visit the Little Black Pearl Art & Design Center at 1060 E. 47th Street (at the corner of Greenwood). Hours are posted on their website. Classes and public presentations relating to field recording and acoustic ecology are now being planned to happen here in the future. Please contact Eric Leonardson, e-mail <info@mwsae.org>, with your proposals and ideas.

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