World Listening Day


Download the official press release here


You are invited to participate in the first World Listening Day, which happens on Sunday, July 18, 2010. The purposes of World Listening Day are:


  • to celebrate the practice of listening as it relates to the world around us, environmental awareness, and acoustic ecology
  • to raise awareness about issues related to the World Soundscape Project, World Listening Project, World Forum for Acoustic Ecology, and individual and group efforts to creatively explore phonography
  • to design and implement educational initiatives which explore these concepts and practices


July 18 was chosen as the date for World Listening Day because it is the birthday of the Canadian composer R. Murray Schafer. Schafer is one of the founders of the Acoustic Ecology movement. The World Soundscape Project, which he directed, is an important organization which has inspired a lot of activity in this field, and his book Soundscape: The Tuning of the World helped to define many of the terms and background behind the acoustic ecology movement.


Here is how you can participate in World Listening Day:


· You can set aside some time when you pay attention to your soundscape.

· You can organize a listening party when people play field recordings.

· You can organize a soundwalk.

· Other possibilities…



For more information contact:




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  1. […] al centro dell’attenzione il rapporto tra ascolto ed ecologie acustiche del mondo chiamata “World Listening Day”, che potremmo tradurre gossomodo come “giornata mondiale dell’ascolto”. Secondo […]

  2. Massimo Avatar

    I’ve traslated it in italian here:

    L’associazione no-profit World Listening, in occasione 77esimo compleanno del compositore Raymond Murray Schafer, ha lanciato un’interessante iniziativa per porre al centro dell’attenzione il rapporto tra ascolto ed ecologie acustiche del mondo chiamata “World Listening Day”, che potremmo tradurre gossomodo come “giornata mondiale dell’ascolto”. Secondo quando scritto nella pagina ufficiale dell’iniziativa, le finalità di questa giornata sono:

    * celebrare la pratica dell’ascolto del mondo che ci sta attorno, la consapevolezza ambientale e l’ecologia acustica
    * incrementare il riconoscimento delle iniziative del Word Soundscape Project, del World Listening Project e del World Forum for Acoustic Ecology e gli sforzi di altri gruppi riguardo l’esplorazione della fonografia
    * progettare ed implementare iniziative educative che esplorino questi concetti e queste pratiche

    Questa interessante iniziativa avrà luogo il 18 luglio del 2010 ed è aperta all’iniziativa di gruppi e contributori locali sparsi per il mondo che potranno:

    * organizzare una incontro di ascolto (listening party) dove ascoltare registrazioni fatte sul campo (filed recordings)
    * organizzare una passeggiata sonora (soundwalk)
    * altre possibilità…

    Per maggiori informazioni indirizzate una email a


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  4. Eric Avatar

    I just told Murray about World Listening Day here in Koli, Finland. He said, “Cool.” I’ll talk about it briefly in my presentation this afternoon, “Tourists in the soundscape, acoustic ecology in Chicago”. More info at and eric leonardson:what’s new

  5. Ollivier Guy-Noël Avatar

    nous organisons des journées écologie sonore au Centre de Découverte du Son (en Bretagne) du 30 juin au 5 juillet) (et … toute l’année en dehors de cette période!). Un aperçu du programme à l’adresse suivante:
    Nous serions intéressé pour être un relais local de ce qui est entrepris au niveau mondial.
    Bonne journée du 18 à tous
    Guy-Noël Ollivier

  6. […] the soundwalk that I am planning to instigate on Sunday July 18th around a section of the A4074 for World Listening Day. Documentation of this event will be included in the A4074 radio show that I am researching and […]

  7. […] the early bird walk (8.00am!) or the evening walk (07.30pm) planned for Sunday the 18th July (World Listening Day.) When we meet to walk, I can then hand out the stationery I am in the process of hand-printing, […]

  8. […] by EK The New England Phonographers Union is participating in the first annual World Listening Day, a global event which is being sponsored by the World Listening Project in Chicago.  We’ll […]

  9. Peter Mumme Avatar


    May I wish you all the very best for the upcoming conference/festival ..

    Perhaps as we (try to) re-establish our human links with all aspects of ‘earth’, such (local) projects as this may develop into providing the language – and ‘songs’ – by which we may better achieve this

    I’m in Australia, in winter, in a country of great landscape and soundscape; one (unfortunately) increasingly disinterested in our real world

    Good luck !


    Peter Mumme

    1. rudi Avatar

      Hi Peter,

      I am here in Brisbane. A sound artist and a lover of deep listening in nature. Looking for like minded people. Where are you? Do you know about my ‘Colours of Silence’ work?
      If you are interested reply and leave your details so that I can email you.


      1. Brona Martin Avatar

        Hello, I just completed an electroacoustic piece based on natural recordings from Brisbane and west coast of Queensland. You might be interested! Have listen at
        Thanks for you time

  10. DK Avatar

    World Listening Day 18.07.2010. in Rijeka


    – slušanje audio snimaka sa terena (Robert Merlak, Ivo Vicic, Damir Kustic, te svi koji donesu svoje)
    – upoznavanje s opremom za terensko snimanje
    – predavanje – Soundscape prema R. Murray Schafer-u –
    – soundwalk gradom – dvije rute, ali vrijeme i tocnost nisu fiksni
    – instalacija “Live Room”, interaktivna soba koja potice slušanje

    Have a nice soundscape day

  11. […] 18 is World Listening Day.  Peter O’Doherty will be playing my Shamian Island Soundwalk on his radio show that […]

  12. admin Avatar

    STEVE BARSOTTI, Seattle Phonographers Union

    In honor of the first World Listening Day, the Seattle Phonographers
    Union invites the public to participate in a series of soundwalks on
    Sunday, July 18th at Seattle’s Green Lake from 10AM to 4PM. This event
    is FREE to the public; all are welcome.

    Throughout the day, SPU members will guide participants on silent walks
    around the lake, focusing attention on the diversity and complexity of
    the local soundscape.

    Walks start near the boat house at the south end of Green Lake (5900
    West Green Lake Way N, 98103), and will commence at 10 AM, Noon, 2 PM,
    and 4 PM. Each walk will begin with a brief introduction to basic
    principles of Acoustic Ecology and intentional listening, and will
    conclude with an opportunity for participants to discuss their

    World Listening Day celebrates the practice of intentional listening as
    it relates to the world around us, environmental awareness, and
    Acoustic Ecology. It is organized by the World Listening Project (WLP),
    a not-for-profit organization devoted to understanding the world and
    its natural environment, societies, and cultures through the practices
    of listening and field recording.

    The Seattle Phonographers Union is a collective of artists from various
    disciplines who record and present the sounds of the world in concerts,
    radio programs, CDs, and other events. Our goal is to move beyond our
    habitual experience of sound, exploring the ways in which we recognize,
    differentiate, map, and navigate the sonic environment.

  13. Susie Avatar

    soundpocket ( celebrates the first World Listening Day in Hong Kong with one-day event Let’s Listen – a group of active and critical listeners (university students of sound art, sound designers and engineers, artists…etc) lead a walk for silence in Wanchai, while distributing short quotations from Schafer’s book. After the walk, sonic artist Sin:Ned (Dennis Wong Chung Fai) shares with the public for the first time his private sound collection. Sin:Ned’s interests range from improvisation, sound art, experimental music, and noise art to field recordings. He says, “Collecting sound is like people collecting stamps in the old days.” Other sound collectors also share their favorite sound from their “stamp album” with Sin:Ned(


  14. admin Avatar

    The first World Listening Day on Sunday, July 18, 2010!

    sponsored by UCCS–VAPA MUSIC EVENTS

    1. 6:00 am Birding by Ear tour at the Heller Center for the Arts and Humanities


    1. 6:00pm (details below), concert at the Piano Warehouse featuring UCCS Faculty, students, world class musicians and audience (may be asked to participate) as part of the Broadmoor Academy of Music Sunday Night Concert Series.

    BIRDING BY EAR / RECORD THE ENVIRONMENT! Start the day off bright and early at the Heller Center for Arts and Humanities at 6:00 am, where Curtis Smith, Senior Instructor of Music will lead a “Birding by Ear” walking tour. During this guided walk, participants will engage their listening skills to actually locate and name birds that might not be visible. Digital recording devices will be handed out for you to record the sounds you hear that will then be included in the evening concert. Feel free to utilize your own digital recording device – iphones, etc. to be “plugged in” at the concert!

    CONCERT! – Later that same day join us as part of the BAM Sunday Night Jazz Concert Series at 6:00 p.m. the Piano Warehouse, 120 West Cucharras Street – (719) 578-8668

    $5.00 admission. FOOD COMES WITH ADMISSION! dinner will be served!

    Glen Whitehead – trumpet; Jane Rigler – flute; Willam Malone – saxophones; Curtis Smith – keyboard; Kim Stone – bass; Iputu Hiran Mayena – percussion; Megan LaFurge – vocals, and special guests.

    Music will consist of contemporary jazz, as well as compositions and improvisations addressing acoustic ecology and the world soundscape project. The audience will be invited to participate in the music making to celebrate World Listening Day by incorporating audio sounds they have recorded throughout the day, either in the morning Birding By Ear Walk, and/or other sounds captured throughout the day! Please come with your audio (analog or digital) to the concert!

    Jane Rigler,
    UCCS, Visual and Performing Arts
    Music Dept. Instructor

  15. […] a reminder that this coming Sunday, July 18, will be World Listening Day: The date was selected because it is the birthday of composer and sound ecologist R. Murray […]

  16. rhizoradio Avatar

    I host a weekly programme (rhizoradio) on the webstation DFM Radio ( and will be hosting a 2-hour special starting at 18:00 (CET) on World Listening Day. Some of the artists whose work I will be playing are:

    Christos Zachos
    Martin Clarke
    Luis Antero
    the Beige Channel
    Christopher DeLaurenti
    Bivouac Music
    Alexei Biryukoff
    Seattle Phonographers Union
    Aymeric de Tapol
    Jorge Haro
    Eric Carlson
    Aaron Ximm
    Nikos Kyriazopoulos
    Manuela Barile
    Pauwel de Buck

    Hope you will tune in!
    Best wishes,
    Peter O’Doherty

    1. MZ-N710 Avatar

      Hi Peter,
      I thank you very much for programming my work on DFM Radio on WLD. I think your programme will be great.

  17. riek westerhof Avatar

    We support the initiative for the the Worldlisteningday on 18 july 2010. Our foundation organises a bicycletour to soundwalls around Utrecht / Holland . We are going to listen to the sounds of the highroad in front of, inside and on top of the soundwall. In Utrecht-Lunetten the soundwall was build in th 80’s and in Utrecht-Leidsche Rijn it is build this year. Nice question is: is there any progression?

  18. […] Sunday is the World Listening Day, a day set up to celebrate the practice of listening, raise awareness about issues about sound […]

  19. Rebecca Caines Avatar

    World Listening Day in Guelph, Ontario

    So great to see so many interesting adventures in sound and listening occurring for World Listening Day. As part of the Community Sound [e]Scapes creative research project based at the University of Guelph, we are encouraging local residents to record 2 minutes of sound from their everyday lives whereever they are at 12pm on the day and are featuring the sounds on our website on the World Listening Day page. Looking forward to hearing what people hear.

    Have a fantastic day of open ears!


  20. Marcos Fernandes Avatar

    In celebration of World listening Day 2010, performing and visual arts gallery 20202 presents Possible Spaces, an event featuring field recordings and soundscape improvisations by phonographers and soundartists Carl Stone, Taro Nijikama, Marcos Fernandes, Corey Fuller and Nobuhiko Nakayama on Sunday, july 18 from 2pm to 7pm. 20202 is located on the 2nd floor of Shinrin Heights, 1-14-20 Tomigaya in Shibuya, Tokyo.

  21. […] are invited to participate in the first World Listening Day, which happens on Sunday, July 18, 2010. The purposes of World Listening Day […]

  22. im namen des raumes Avatar

    Sorry, only the german text on the webpage, nevertheless:

    klang im namen des raumes : sound art exhibition,
    18.7. – 29.8., Strausberger Platz and Karl-Marx Allee, Berlin.
    Inner and outer spaces at Strausberger Platz/Karl-Marx-Allee, Berlin, between U Strausberger Platz und U Frankfurter Tor.

    Artists: Jason Dodge, Katrin Emler, Douglas Henderson, Robert Henke, Peter Joslyn, Bjørn Melhus, Nik Nowak, Dany Scheffler, Max Schneider, Frauke Schmidt, Katya Lachowicz and Adrian Sievering
    + Künstlerkollektiv Berg26: Anna Bäumer, Elen Flügge und Thomas Koch, Florian Goeschke, Annie Goh, Daniela Imhoff, Damian Rebgetz, Alex Sieber, Thomas Wochnik

    Initiated by im namen des raumes, Berg26, Max Schneider

    In cooperation with Sam Auinger, UDK Sound Studies, Kommunale Galerie Berlin, World listening project

    Keep up the good work guys!

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  26. […] draws together an international group of sound artists and choreographers to celebrate the first World Listening Day. Preview at Café Oto July 16 at 8pm, £7 (music event only), première at secret Shoreditch […]

  27. admin Avatar


    Sunday 18 July, 2 pm start

    meet at the Maude Street entrance to Noble’s Rest park, Kendal, Cumbria LA9 4NQ, England

    walking about a mile in approximately 1 hour; the route should be okay for people in wheelchairs

    if the weather is iffy on the day, look at or text 07891 908025 to find out if the walk is on

    I’m charging for this (£3/kids free) – I wonder what people on the list think about that?

  28. Perdita Phillips Avatar

    World Listening Day in Perth, Western Australia

    You are invited to participate in the first World Listening Day, which happens on Sunday, July 18, 2010. World Listening Day celebrates the practice of listening as it relates to the world around us, environmental awareness, and acoustic ecology.

    Come for a sound walk starting at the cannon at 1pm and walking down High Street for as long as you like… probably finishing around 13:30ish. Our mission is to listen (and record if you so feel inclined)!

    Where: At the signal cannon at the back of the Round House (facing the sea) in Fremantle

    When: Sunday 18 July BE AT THE CANNON (the time gun) NO LATER THAN 12:50 as the cannon goes off at 13:00 sharp

    July 18 was chosen as the date for World Listening Day because it is the birthday of the Canadian composer R. Murray Schafer. Schafer is one of the founders of the Acoustic Ecology movement. The World Soundscape Project, which he directed, is an important organization which has inspired a lot of activity in this field, and his book Soundscape: The Tuning of the World helped to define many of the terms and background behind the acoustic ecology movement.


  29. admin Avatar

    Le World Listening Project réunit principalement des compositeurs et des artistes autour de la sensibilisation à l’écoute de l’environnement sonore et la promotion de la pratique artistique de l’enregistrement (field-recording). En filiation directe avec le World Soundscape Project dont il partage déjà deux mots sur trois, c’est aussi en l’honneur de son instigateur, le canadien Raymond Murray Schafer, qu’il a choisi le 18 juillet (date de naissance de Schafer, ça ne s’invente pas !), pour organiser une première Journée mondiale de l’écoute, le World Listening Day. De toute façon, tous les prétextes sont bons pour tendre l’oreille et, ce dimanche, il y aura à plusieurs endroits du monde des conférences, des promenades sonores (soundwalks), des concerts.

    Peu d’initiative à attendre de la radio traditionnelle, à part sur la terre natale du projet, l’Illinois, où Dave Armstrong présentera un programme spécial dans Sounds Like Radio sur la publique WSIU à 10h du matin, heure française. Les autres initiatives radiophoniques relevées au programme nous proviennent de latitudes extra-nord-américaines. De France, c’est sur le stream de KKWNE (ex- Cannibal Caniche + WNE) qu’on pourra entendre une programmation de plus de vingt-quatre heures de compositions phonographiques sélectionnées par Anton Mobin, artiste entendu çà et là et notamment sur Arte Radio. Comme à son habitude, le laboratoire Locus Sonus aura ses micros ouverts en divers endroits du globe, diffusant en direct leurs captations topophoniques. À noter qu’une toute jeune webradio brésilienne, Radiolab, poussera son premier cri pour l’occasion. Mais c’est du côté de la berlinoise Radio Aporee que nous vient l’idée la plus emballante pour qui veut pratiquer un peu son écoute : comment sonnera notre planète en ce jour précis ? Le 18 juillet, chacun est donc invité à réaliser un “instantané” de son paysage sonore, là où il se trouve, puis à le localiser sur la carte mondiale. Pour savoir comment s’y prendre, il faut lire les instructions par ici et, pourquoi pas, relire notre entretien avec son fondateur, Udo Noll.

    1. Syntone Avatar

      Thank you for quoting Syntone.

  30. WLP Avatar


    just to inform all of you that i’m broadcasting a special playlist for the webradio KKWNE

    In attachement, you can see my playlist (more of 24 hours of field recordings composition available on several great labels and netlabels)

    Moreover, associated to the french ambient artist Planetaldol, i compose a realize a special composition for the WLD.
    It will be diffused on KKWNE at 20:00 on July, 18th, 2010

    Greetings from Paris



    1. Sorin Adam Matei Avatar


      Please consider adding the sound recordings to Details in the replies to the messages below…

  31. […] are invited to participate in the first World Listening Day, which happens on Sunday, July 18, 2010. The purposes of World Listening Day are: • to celebrate […]

  32. Andrea Dancer Avatar

    Hey World! Listen Up! I’ll be sending in sounds from the kravin (in Czech) — the “cow palace” — and a Saturday bike ride in a small village in the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands — where we live in the summer. Thanks for this great occasion, Dan and Eric and all the folks there at the World Soundscape Project. It’s great to spend some time with Murray’s ear — so to speak. Happy Day, Murray!

    1. Sorin Adam Matei Avatar

      Hi, please consider uploading your recording the the Purdue and Ubimark sponsored site, which uses an online mapping platform to create a real-time map of soundscape recordings made during World Listening Day. The site will map in real time the submissions and in a few weeks will make each recording available through a map embedded player. The recording needs to be smaller than 50 MB and no longer than 4 minutes. Wav files preferred, but wma or mp3 files are also welcome. If you have a link to the file already, you can paste it in the description field.

      Sorin Adam Matei
      Associate Professor
      Purdue University

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  35. Robin Parmar Avatar

    I have promoted World Listening Dayover at my website The Theatre of Noise. There you will find a link to a mystery sound I recorded for this special day.

  36. Mark Walters Avatar


    Great idea for a collaborative project. To celebrate I field recorded 60 sounds which are being uploaded to The Freesound Project over the next couple of days I also recorded four sounds today for the Radio Aporee World Listening Day map and I have promoted the project on my Facebook and Twitter pages.

    Happy Listening !

    Mark Walters

    1. Sorin Adam Matei Avatar

      Please consider adding the sounds to as well, a site sponsored by the Soundscapes project at Purdue University and by Ubimark…

      Sorin Adam Matei
      Associate Professor
      Purdue University

  37. Ricardo Reis Avatar

    We are running a soundmapping project around both campi of our Institut here:

    Could we be added to the list of sound mapping projects?



    1. Sorin Adam Matei Avatar

      Awesome… Will add your site out our list of feeds. Can you put a link to our site, on yours?

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  42. […] Sunday you can go for a walk, learn more about the sounds that make up our environment and get some exercise.  More info at: […]

  43. […] Till the end of August famous Karl-Marx-Allee will change into a venue for versatile acoustic experiences. Between Strausberger Platz and Frankfurte Tor gallery im namen des raumes, the artistcollectiv Berg26 and Max Schneider host a series of sound-art projects on the occasion of 1. World Listening Day. […]

  44. alas23 Avatar

    Greetings from Lithuania. Our project SALA offer special track “Unsafe Escape” participating great World Listening Day initiative:

  45. […] all this led me to develop a workshop for World Listening Day on engaging the general public on the sounds they hear around […]

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  50. […] of his early writings—but the basic idea of dissonant harmony seems applicable to the project of World Listening Day (WLD). Started two years ago by the Midwest Society of Acoustic Ecology and the World Listening […]

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  52. Paul Wood Avatar

    Aloha from Maui, Hawai’i, home of what is quite possibly the world’s most silent place — Haleakala Crater. I do a weekly radio show called “Exquisite Rarities” on listener-supported, commercial-free Mana’o Radio. The show happens every Tuesday from 2 to 5 pm Pacific Standard Time, and you can catch it live streaming at On July 17 I will once again do a episode focused on World Listening Day. It’s become an annual feature. I call the episode “Dead Air” because I deliberately insert segments of silence so that the audience can focus on ambient sounds in their vicinity. Aside from those segments I’ll be focusing on voices, mostly human, some animal. I’ll be featuring Jaap Blonk and a number of tracks from the album Five Men Singing (Jaap Blonk, Koichi Makigami, Paul Dutton, Phil Minton, and David Moss). I’ll do poets (Kenneth Patchen for example), also some Tuvan throat singing and other surprising voices from non-Western cultures. No doubt some Bonnie Barnett and a couple of tracks from my brother Dick’s new CD “Not Far From Here.” Probably some yodeling. As I say, you can catch it on the Internet. Cheers. (Whispers too).

  53. audra Avatar

    Translation to Lithuanian:

    Pasaulinė Klausymosi diena švenčiama kasmet liepos 18-ąją, Kanados kompozitoriaus ir Pasaulio garsovaizdžio projekto (World Soundscape Project) įkūrėjo R.Murray Schafer gimimo dieną. Kompozitoriaus tyrimai paklojo pamatą garsovaizdžių studijoms ir garso ekologijai.
    Pasaulinės Klausymosi dienos tikslai:
    • Patirti, kokiais skirtingais būdais galime išgirsti aplink mus esančius garsus;
    • Atkreipti dėmesį į akustinės ekologijos judėjimą ir idėjas, kaip mažinti garso taršą;
    • Supažindinti su naujomis švietimo iniciatyvomis ir bendruomenių renginiais, susijusiais su klausymusi ir garso ekologija.

    Dalyvavimas 2012 m. Pasaulinėje Klausymosi dienoje remiasi šiais tikslais. Galite surengti klausymosi vakarą ar privačią įrašytų garsovaizdžių perklausą, organizuoti privačius ar viešus garsovaikščius, viešas diskusijas apie garso ekologiją ar prisidėti kokiu nors kitu būdu. Renginiai turėtų vykti trečiadienį, liepos 18 d. Tačiau jeigu Jums labiau tinka kuri nors kita savaitės (liepos 15-21 d.) diena, irgi gerai. Daugiau informacijos

  54. Tom Roe Avatar

    free103point9 ( broadcasting midnight to 6 a.m. tonight July 18 all World Listening Day material on WGXC 90.7-FM in upstate NY. Send files or pointers to files to play, or live webstreams, to

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  56. […] so, we welcome you to participate in Riverbank Listening on Thursday 18th July. This is a World Listening Day  project in which people from all over the world are invited to spend some time during the day […]

  57. Pedro Montesinos Avatar

    I prepare, with other people, some activities in Barcelona

  58. […] jueves 18 de junio, por cuarto año consecutivo, se celebra en decenas de lugares del planeta el World Listening Day, un evento que nació en 2010 para promover la ecología acústica y explorar la escucha atenta en […]

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